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These are some of our past tubs.

You can order an existing style, or use them to inspire your own build.

To see our coating process, click here.


Pine Clawfoot

Single Lip Cypress Clawfoot Double Lip Clawfoot Cypress Double Lip Cypress 72"

A 60" Clawfoot tub with double lip, made in pine with faucet stand


A 66" Clawfoot, single lip, made in Cypress


Front: 66" Clawfoot with double lip in Cypress $2799

Behind: 60" Clawfoot with Single lip in Cypress $2399

A 72" Clawfoot, Double Lip, made in Cypress

This tub was still under construction so the feet hadn't been put on yet.


Standard 30 Barrel Cypress Standard
                Barrell WR Cedar Jetted barrel Cypress Red Alder

Our standard 30" Bath barrel, 30" tall with optional shelf for corner installation

Also has 3" raised floor which is an option for above-floor plumbing. Made in Cypress


Another 30" Barrel, built in Western Red Cedar. This tub was built with handles so the customer could move it in and out of the house. The tub only weighs 60 lbs!


A 30" bath barrel with Jacuzzi jets, heater, stainless steel fittings.

Made in Cypress


This tub was made in Red Alder. It is a 24" deep soaking tub with surround. $3299
Deep Cypress Jets with
                Surround Pine Drop In Jetted Drop In Cypress

Jetted Drop In

Same style as above, but built at a 3 foot depth with seats installed.

This tub fits in a standard 60" bathtub opening but allows soaking for 2 people.

Also with Whirlpool system and pre-plumbed with shower wand.


Drop-in Tub in Pine, 60" length, 18" height


Drop-In Tub in Cypress with Jacuzzi Jets


Another Drop-in tub in Cypress with Jacuzzi Jets


Corner Tub Cypress Square Shower
                Cypress Shower Rod  

Water-testing a 60x60 corner tub with Jets


($2799 no jets)

This is a shower/tub combo that we built for some nice folks in KY. They needed a raised floor to pass plumbing underneath, but wanted a bath for the grandkids.



This is a wood shower curtain rod for one of the clawfoot tubs. We can also make rods for the bath barrels and tubs with enclosures.




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