Wood Indoor Bathtubs

All Driftwood Tubs and Ofuros are hand made in the USA
All Driftwood Tubs and Ofuros will a pass building inspection in USA.

These tubs are Made in America, by hand, and then sealed with a transparent fiberglass finish. The wood never actually gets wet and NO splinters. The surface feels smooth just like a regular bathtub. No extra care.  Use regular mild detergent for cleaning.  

We will warranty your tub for 5 years.

Because of the coating, our tubs are the only wooden bathtubs that meet all standards for ANSI and ASME building codes in the U.S.   They are considered, "A fiberglass tub with a solid wood core."

We can build any size/shape/wood species to suit.  For some styles, we can even add whirlpool jets.

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